Smart Alarm

100m / 328Ft Range

℃ / ℉


6 Probes Port

Tired of babysitting the grill for the whole BBQ?

Stop worrying about the temperature of the meat and let our state of the art accessories do the work. It’s time you enjoy YOUR barbeque from a distance without having smoke in your face. With our Bluetooth Meat Thermometer,
you can now sit pool side and allow our app to do the work for you.

Why you should get the BackYard Barbeque

Accurate Temperature

Applicable for grill, oven, smoke and kitchen food. You will no longer worry about the probe being damaged or melted during cooking. The grill thermometer can be for most grills, ovens, or smokers, within 4-5s to get the temperature accurately, Temperature measurement range: -5℃~300℃(23°F~572°F), Accuracy: ±1℃(±2°F) at -5℃~150℃, ±2℃(±4°F) at 150℃~300 ℃

Smart App Real Time Monitoring

Download the APP” BBQNOW”, you can monitor the real-time temperature of food remotely through the 328 feet Bluetooth function. When the sensor detects the steak or meat reaches the set temperature,get an instant push notification to your smartphone. You can also get the graph of grill temperature in the APP, adjust and save pro cooking presets for your favorite kitchen recipes.

Instant Read Digital Display And Multiple Accessories

3.3" LCD with backlight ensures that you can easily read the grill temperature in a variety of light environmentsand is great for quickly glancing at the smoke or cook timer progress. It is equipped with a variety of accessories, which can place the grill thermometer where you needed.

Temperature Customization and Alarm

The wireless meat thermometer can connect 6 upgraded high accuracy probes, our product is equipped with 2 probes. You can customize the temperature of different foods or the temperature you need in the app, when the temperature is exceeded, both the mobile phone and the barbecue thermometer will receive the alarm notification.Take it home and pair with your phone you will never be worried about overcooking or under-cooking any more.

Safe to Use

This machine is equipped with food-grade safety 304 stainless steel probe, environmentally friendly materials. Probe wraps is easy to storage and clean, make your kitchen tidier. Regarding use and after-sales service, we provide friendly customer service.If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase for any reason, please contact us, we will do our best to solve all problems and ensure your satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. But it can only under the 380℃,and the probe must stays in the food with a cord to the receiving unit which is outside the oven or grill.

Temperature gauges are connected to the monitoring station the only wireless part is through Bluetooth to your phone.

It will alarm on both when it reaches the temp or time you preset.

No. It's free in App store & Play Store

The range of the bluetooth thermometer up to 328Ft. however, you may have shorter connection distance due to more blockage indoors.

Alerts are temperature driven. You can set the alert to go off when the meat reaches a certain internal temp. When it goes off you can turn over the meat, and set the alert for the next temp.

The monitor itself works without the app, but you can't set an alarm or check it remotely.

What's inside the package

  • Device
  • Probe x 2
  • User Manual
  • Matel Probe Bracket
  • Battery x 3

Hear it from the Real Buyers


Love this thermometer. I got this thermometer for my husband for Christmas and we have used it twice now. The probes are small enough where the needle doesn’t harm the meat and being able to track the temperature with the app to the thermometer is amazing. We first did steaks and they were cooked to perfection by being able to monitor the temp. Next we smoked a pork butt and again it withstood 8 hours of cooking time and we were able to keep track of the temperature on the phone app. Extremely useful and so easy to use! It is accurate and we absolutely love it!


Easy set up

This is a convenient tool to have, so you don't have to stand there and watch your food cook all day. It has easy to follow instructions and it was quick and easy to set up. Its nice the monitor has a stand, making it easier to see and it has large numbers. Most importantly this is very accurate, and my meat came out perfectly! The only thing is the range on the blue tooth is short.


Worth the price!

I love this thermometer! I can watch my steaks while they’re outside on the grill and I’m inside sitting on the couch watching TV. I love having an app! I don’t know what took me so long to upgrade! Definitely worth the price!


What every man needs

So I was feeling left out that my wife got a "fancy" digital thermometer for the kitchen, so of course, I have to one-up her. Now I haven't fully used the app yet but this works perfectly on my grill and lets me know when things are fully cooked!

Scott Hill

Something every grill master needs!

I love this wireless thermometer, and its very affordable compared to others on the market. I have another probe thermometer that I've been using, but it's not wireless, so the wires get destroyed from the high heat of the grill, and I had to throw it away. This wireless version, is so convenient and easy to use. I love using it in my smoker, and in my propane grill to keep an eye on my food so it doesn't get overcooked. I have used this on whole chickens, turkeys, roasts and steaks. The readings are accurate, and I love that I get consistent results. Highlight recommend!


one phone limit; software is good;

I was a big fan of this thermometer when I was setting it up. The setup process was so much easier than my older one. I found the software easy to follow and had high hopes for the hardware. There thermometer works great, the temperature readings seemed accurate based on the comparison thermometer that I used. I was surprised at the one phone limit. I was hoping that me and my wife could connect to the device allowing us to both be able to monitor our smoker. This is not the case, you can only setup one phone with the device which was a disappointment.

Bacon Jonnie's


Used it on my traeger. Works great. Meat comes out perfect temp.

Ty carlson

Love using this thermometer.

Bought for cooking a prime rib. It was very accurate and I was able to make the best prime rib yet. Love using this item.

Chad Smith

T. Gordon

Arrived on time. Seems to be a great tool for the money.

T. Gordon

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